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Online Global Studio - Terms & Conditions

Refund, Cancellation, and Subscription Policies

Each subscriber is eligible for one complimentary 14-day trial period. The 14-day free trial is not entitled to any refunds. Once initiated, the free trial can neither be paused or reinstated. 

Fees, Refunds and Charges

Subscription Fees:

The client is responsible for the payment of dues for their respective subscription choice and hereby authorizes Seventh Chakra Yoga (and its payment processors, to debit Client’s bank account or charge Client’s credit card, as listed in Client’s billing information. The Client agrees that all subscriptions are recurring and will renew automatically.  The Client will be responsible for updating their billing information in a timely manner to avoid disruption of streaming services.

Client shall also be solely responsible for paying and remitting to the appropriate tax authorities all applicable taxes (withholding tax, sales tax, services tax, value-added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST), etc.) or duties imposed by any government entity or collecting agency except those taxes based on Seventh Chakra Yoga’s net income. In the event Client fails to satisfy its tax and/or duty obligations herein, Client shall reimburse Seventh Chakra Yoga upon demand, any taxes and/or duties paid on behalf of Client. The Client shall defend, indemnify and hold Seventh Chakra Yoga harmless against any claim and/or liability (including penalties) resulting from Client’s failure to pay such taxes and/or duties.

Cancellation Policy:

The client acknowledges that all subscription fees are charged automatically on a recurring basis until the Client cancels their respective subscription plan. The Client has the option of canceling their subscription plan by logging into their Seventh Chakra Yoga Global Studio Account . From here they can access their billing page, select “Settings” and choose the “Change” or "Cancel" options under subscription and billing. A confirmation email receipt will be sent to the Client with the expiration date of the subscription.

The client can learn how to cancel their account here or update their account here.  Please keep in mind that the client is solely responsible for ensuring that their account is canceled with accuracy. The Client is welcome to contact “Support”, if they need any assistance in the matter.


All Seventh Chakra Yoga subscriptions include a 14-day free trialAfter the culmination of the 14 days, the Subscription Plan is billed in advance on a monthly or annual basis (per the client’s chosen option).

All subscriptions, both month-to-month and annual plans, are recurring and will automatically renew after the end of each paid subscription period unless the subscription is canceled by the Client.

Seventh Chakra Yoga does not offer prorated refunds for canceled subscription plans. There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of service, upgrade/downgrade refunds, or refunds for months unused with an open account. To be fair to all subscribers, Seventh Chakra Yoga will not be able to offer any exceptions in this matter.

Refund Policy for Annual Plans:

Seventh Chakra Yoga is committed to the success of our clients and does its best to provide the best streaming experience possible. But based on their physical location, some clients may experience varying internet connection speeds, capacities, and requirements, limitations of electronic devices, and software supported by their devices. 

These issues may limit the Client from receiving the full experience of Seventh Chakra Yoga Global Studio offerings as intended.

Please avail the 14-day Free Trial to gauge the compatibility of your available technology with the requirements for streaming the class offerings before committing the annual plan.

The Month-to-Month Subscription Plan, allows customers to upgrade, downgrade, and cancel at any time without penalty. We recommend this option for most customers, especially those who do not have full certainty or control over their technology environment.

Finally, Seventh Chakra Yoga offers an Annual Subscription Plan at a significant discount. We recommend this plan for customers who are certain that Seventh Chakra Yoga is the right fit for their individual journey and that they are able to stream through compatible technology on their electronic devices.

The Client assumes full responsibility to evaluate Seventh Chakra Yoga’s system requirements to make the streaming service possible on their electronic screens, before committing to the Annual Plan.


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