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* Health Kit Videos *

Quick Fix Videos

Kundalini Fundamentals

Mastering the Mystery of Life Series

Let the Answers Unfold Series

East Meets West Series

Heal Your Self Series

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* Health Kit Videos *

Quick Fix Videos

Kundalini Fundamentals

Mastering the Mystery of Life Series

Let the Answers Unfold Series

East Meets West Series

Heal Your Self Series

New Classes Weekly

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Why then, are these simple universal desires so elusive? |  Why do we find ourselves increasingly dissatisfied by all that should bring us satisfaction?  |  Why do we find it increasingly challenging to find meaning in all that we have invested our lives in?  |  Even after seemingly doing everything right, why does fear and anxiety paralyze us?  |  How do we solve or dissolve the unfinished, unprocessed experiences of the past constantly nipping at our heels?

The practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is more than just a physical asana practice. It awakens your awareness of the answers to all of the above questions and more. Some call it a mystical process, but in our experience, it is a Practical journey to our Authentic and Unique Self.

As you embark on a steady practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, you might begin to feel as if a blindfold is loosening around your eyes. The Kundalini energy is systematically invoked in these classes and ignites a tiny spark of your inner awareness, opening you to a unique and indescribable experience of your SELF (often for the first time), that your mind can only perceive as unconditional joy and happiness.

Kundalini Yoga is the only yoga that has a direct & positive impact on your Nervous and Glandular system in as little as 3 minutes.  Its sophisticated combination of physical postures, controlled breathing, use vibrational therapy of Mantras and Sound, Conscious Mindfulness and Focused Attention to direct both Mood and Mind towards positive attitudes, creates the possibility for transforming your stress-filled life into one of relaxed presence, focused tranquility, and connectedness.

A regular practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation allows you to solve the unique riddle of your life, bringing acceptance, understanding, dissolution, resolution and sweet harmony to your body and mind. Experiencing a healthy emotional state, making mindful choices, creating healthy interpersonal relationships, shedding conditioning and finding undeniable strength to embrace what serves us, is a natural outcome of this practice.

Give it a try for 14 straight days and allow your own experience to speak for itself.

 For many of you, the spiritual elements woven into the conversations, meditations and yoga sequences may be new. 

These elements are not based on any particular faith or religious practice; therefore, you are not being asked to adopt or discard any religion. On the contrary, you might be able to understand the roots of your own origin and embrace your personal faith or religion with more authenticity.

Peter and Priya blend the subtleties of spirituality with the realities of this material world in their classes. This is an important ingredient for the deep healing effects received through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation.

Please allow yourself an open mind and an open heart to sense practicality of spirituality.

Most of our classes start by addressing some aspect of the human condition that we all collectively share. Through a combination of rhythmic movement, breathwork, sound, and mantra, Kundalini Yoga will strengthen and harmonize your entire physical anatomy along with the hormones, brain, nervous system and circulatory system, offering you optimal states of profound relaxation, heightened consciousness, and effervescent vitality. 

Meditation becomes the cherry on top, bringing awareness, neutrality, ease, and acceptance.  

Deep relaxation is a very important part of the classes to absorb and integrate the effects of the exercise set. So please do not skip this part.

Fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga:

If you are new to Kundalini Yoga or need a refresher course on the basics, please begin by watching the Fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga videos. These videos review the foundational breaths, postures, mudras and more and will allow you to understand the basics of the class before you begin. 

Health Kit: 

A specially chosen set of kriyas (posture series), pranayamas (breathwork), meditations, and related talks designed to aid, support, uplift and expand our perspective in challenging times. 

Quick Fixes: 

You are also being given access to the invaluable “ Quick fixes” as part of your subscription. This is the section you want to access, to use quick, simple and effective techniques for directing your mind and behavior within 5 min or less, as you navigate your everyday life. We will not only demonstrate the priceless techniques but will be there with you throughout the entire time of the practice.

Let the Answers Unfold Series - Priya Jain: 

Classes, begin with students asking Priya questions about life, living, relationships, etc, which are common to all of us, followed by a Kundalini Kriya, deep relaxation and meditation. Hopefully, you will receive some answers to a few of your own life's looming questions through these classes.

Merging of Head and Heart - Peter DeBellis

Combining the Western mind and Eastern body to better understand our own life's journey.   These classes are the right combination of thoughtful insight and somatic (bodily) experience.  Explaining, translating and experience Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for the western mind, so we can all better understand our inner journey and help each other grow. 

Heal Yourself - Priya Jain

This Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes are lead by Priya Jain.  She will lead you through postures and meditation to release deeply held tension and emotions.  Be prepared for challenging Asana (posture) series and powerful meditations to help you shed the outer world and connect deeply with yourself. 

Mastering the Mystery of Life Series - Priya Jain

You are also receiving access to our wildly popular and highly inspirational, “ Mastering the Mystery of Life” workshop series. These are Master-classes that Priya has been teaching since the birth of Seventh Chakra Yoga, bringing the light of insight, resolution, awareness, and inspiration to thousands of people over the years. By offering these workshop-style classes as part of your subscription, she hopes to ignite the deep love and passion for life and its epic adventures, as she has come to experience through Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.


Frequently Asked Questions

 In reference to stress, anxiety, and depression is a simple formula, “Meet your mind where it is and move it by just 2 degrees.” 

We experience undue stress, anxiety and depression when:

  • Energy is there, but it’s not in the right place.
  •  Energetic motivation to shift the mood or mental state is missing.
  • There is a general apathy or lack of control over mental, physical and emotional capacity.

The Revolutionary technology of Kundalini Yoga is unique in its ability to create a balanced combination of Activation (of energy), Alignment (of mental and emotional pattern) and Release (of held patterns of control), giving the practitioner a new sense of renewal and balance. 

Three important ingredients that can empower you with a sense of control over your own energy, mood and capacity are included in every Kundalini Yoga class

  1. Movement of body
  2. Access to your breath
  3. Integration through Mantra and Meditation

Along with the practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation to alter your psychophysiology, we also give you alternative ways to perceive your life and your choices.

Many members of our community have been able to overcome and heal from chronic anxiety, stress, and depression through the regular practice of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation through consistent and committed practice. You can be the next to join the growing number of people who are able to experience the freedom and sovereignty of your own existence.

If you begin by practicing with the classes, 3 days a week and slowly inch your way to practicing every day, without altering or eliminating any element of the class, you will begin to see positive results.

The outcome is very reliant on the mindset, willingness, participation, circumstances and social environment of each individual. 

Always consult your doctor before you begin and through the course of your practice, so you are held, supported and guided on the way to health and recovery.


The spontaneous firing of neurons within guided patterns of a Kundalini Yoga kriya or meditation often leads to the dismantling or erasing of patterns held deep, in the procedural (unconscious) memory. This leads to a reduction of the effects of the past on the body-mind, effectively overcoming PTSD.

Some of the more notable effects of this rewiring are a reduction in neurosis and paranoia, less energy waste in muscular holding, more efficient neuron firing, less divisiveness between the body, mind and soul, less body pain, reduction in emotional repression/explosion, increased sensation and pleasure, and greater sense of unity with environment.

The outcome is very reliant on the mindset, willingness, participation, circumstances and social environment of each individual. 

Always consult your doctor before you begin and through the course of your practice, so you are held, supported and guided on the way to health and recovery from trauma.

We recommend beginning with 3 days a week and gradually working your way up to practicing every day.  This will help to balance your glandular system (your emotions), strengthen the nervous system (your strength and stability), clear your energetic system ( the chakras and 10 bodies) and direct your mind and its projections.

We always recommend beginning your day with a shower followed by the practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation. But you can also practice at any other time of the day, based on your needs.

Yes! The following side effects have been reported:

After your practice, you might discover a random smile on your face throughout the day and feel unusually relaxed in your skin.

You might experience occasional surges of gratitude and inexplicable compassion for those around you.

To your own surprise, you might find it harder to get overwhelmed by life’s ebbs and flows.

You might be diagnosed as “Clinically Happy".


"I was suffering from a debilitating physical injury with no cure from Western Medicine. Understanding how to reconnect to myself through the technology of Kundalini yoga, balancing my parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system, is something not taught in your typical yoga studio. Seventh Chakra not only teaches this science, but has created the SPACE to nurture it. The experience has reconnected me to the right frequency which has drawn all forms of Healing and Love back into my life. "

Brian K

"The studio helped me begin my journey, and it also completely shaped the kind of work I want to do in the future. I have the tools and capacity to receive wisdom and reflect in a way that I wasn't able to before. This all began because of Seventh Chakra Yoga. Thank you."

Stephanie Z | M.D.

" Seventh Chakra has taught me the treasured science and technology of kundalini yoga. Through breath-work, kriyas, mantras and meditation. My nervous system is repairing its self and is back in balance. My blood has return to normal levels. My brain-fog has improved, so much I now am able to write down my thought. The love and compassion that I have found at Seventh Chakra is life changing."

Kathleen G

"What Kundalini has done to me, is really awaken my awareness to my physical body. By learning to breathe and focus my mind on my true intention, I can ground and carry it with me through the remainder of the day, and sometimes even the week. "

David N.

"KY has helped me grow stronger, more confident, more creative and more expanded and the process is only beginning. I am forever grateful to the teachings, the teachers and the beautiful community at 7th Chakra. "

Roxana Z

"I just wanted to express my gratitude to Priya for being one of my greatest teachers in my journey. Your compassion, grace, and guidance has been such a blessing to me. Thank you for inspiring me to follow my Truth."


"Thank you Priya! I haven’t slept like I did last night in months! I am so grateful for you, Peter, and all the teachers at Seventh Chakra. I feel so supported by the Universe right now. So thankful for the healing I received last night."

Janine K

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