• Makes Yoga accessible for everbody. 
  • Detailed demonstrations of 32 different Yoga Asanas.
  • Demonstration of both traditional and alternative postures.
  • Practice at your own pace and rewatch anytime and as many times as needed.
  • Lifetime Access.

Every Body is different. Every stage of life offers us different abilities or limitations.

The idea of "perfection" is a non- entity. In yoga we learn to meet ourself where we are. 

With this intention we invite you to the "LISTENING TO YOUR BODY- YOGA WITH PROPS" course.

It offers a fun and practical way of using a chair and various props to receive all the wonderful benefits of Yoga Postures no matter what age, stage or limitation.

Akal Kaur is a former teacher of Chair Yoga at the Chopra Center in San Diego and brings her wonderful expertise and enthusiasm in sharing all the fun tips and tricks for practicing Yoga Postures in a way that honors your body.