Responsibility for Self Care

Effective date: 2/16/2022 


Evaluation for Suitability

I understand that after registering, I may be evaluated for my readiness for the program, based on an intake form or an interview with Seventh Chakra Institute’s Lead Trainers and/or Training team. I understand that the Lead Trainer may determine the fitness of each candidate and their suitability for the program.

I understand that the acceptance of the registration fee does not confirm attendance in the program. If the Lead trainers deem that this training program is not suitable for me at this time, my registration fee will be fully refunded and every attempt will be made to assist me in finding a suitable alternative program or support.

Responsibility for Self Care

Physical and Mental Wellbeing

  • I understand that Teacher Training courses offered by the Seventh Chakra Institute of Spiritual Sciences, are physically and psychologically rigorous immersion programs. I take complete responsibility for my well-being during the Teacher Training program/s, whether engaging remotely or on-site at the Seventh Chakra Retreat Home.
  • I agree to support the Seventh Chakra learning environment and contribute to a safe, respectful, and positive experience for everyone during and after the teacher training.
  • I understand that the study of yoga and spirituality involves exploring and discussing different belief systems and that each specific experience may have content that differs from my beliefs. I agree to respect all the ideas and practices that are presented as part of the Teacher Training curriculum.
  • I understand that practicing yoga and meditation is often about exploring new boundaries and personal limitations. I recognize that activities of this nature involve an element of physical, emotional, and psychological risk. I understand that each person’s level of physical and psychological fitness is different, and that some activities may not be appropriate for me given my individual capacities. I accept the need to monitor my own participation in each activity, and each exercise within any given activity, and that Seventh Chakra Institute of Spiritual Sciences, it’s Trainers, Teaching Assistants or affiliates are not responsible for any physical and psychological risk I choose to take in my education, exploration, and inquiry.
  • It is my responsibility to honor my physical and psychological boundaries, and if I feel unsafe in any way, I may stop participation in an experience and speak to a staff member.
  • I understand that Teacher Training provides a safe place for each individual to explore their spiritual depth. I agree that politically charged discussions are off-limits in this sacred space.

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