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Self Paced - Awakening Sutra of Japji Sahib Course

So delighted to have you on this Soulful Journey with us!


Along with the countless treasures that await your discovery in the Awakening Sutras of Japji Sahib, you also receive:

- 11 modules: a comprehensive understanding of Japji Sahib.

- Awakening Sutras of Japji Sahib E-Book with all 40 Pauris transliterated and translated by Priya Jain

- An in-depth history of the life and legacy of Guru Nanak.

- 50+ pre-recorded content videos 

- 40 Pronunciation Guide Videos so you can learn to recite the Pauris in the original Gurmukhi Script.

- Reflective Journaling prompts to embody the awakening

- Suggested musical renditions of the Pauris to chant along with.

- Lifetime access to the Course Video to continue deepening your awareness.

- Self-Paced Course participants may join Priya for the Live Zoom Circles when available. ( Schedule of meetings will be posted on the community forum)

- Automatic admission into the Online community forum to share and connect with like-minded seekers.