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Japji Sahib Master Course - Payment Plan

So delighted to have you on this Soulful Journey with us!

Over the past five years, I have cherished, studying, chanting, reflecting, and employing the divine wisdom of Japji Sahib. They have truly allowed me to view my ordinary life through an extraordinary lens! The words and sound currents of Japji have chiseled, crafted, and matured my consciousness beyond my imagination.

This intentional gift of profound inner shift, I now offer to you, through the Awakening Sutras of Japji Sahib.”

~ Priya Jain

Along with the countless treasures that await your discovery in the Awakening Sutras of Japji Sahib, you also receive:

- 11 modules: a comprehensive understanding of Japji Sahib.

- "Japji Sahib, an owner’s manual for every Soul," E-Book with all 40 Pauris transliterated and translated by Priya Jain

- An in-depth history of the life and legacy of Guru Nanak.

- 50+ pre-recorded content videos 

- 40 Pronunciation Guide Videos so you can learn to recite the Pauris in the original Gurmukhi Script.

- Reflective Journaling Sheets to embody the wisdom.

- Suggested musical renditions of the Pauris to chant along.

- 2-year access to all the Online Course.

- 12-Live Online Group Sessions with Priya questions, sharing, chant, and deeper understanding.

- Certificate of Completion for all who allow for full engagement with the Course material.