Japji Sahib is a 500 year old revolutionary text.
In all of my studies of spiritual texts, the sutras of  Japji Sahib are the only ones I have come across that have been recited "live" in the blissful rapture of enlightenment, instead of a later compilation by followers.
Therefore, the expressions of Japji Sahib are raw, unblemished, innocent, vivid with imageries of the cosmic intelligence at play and are radically free from any requirements of moralistic perfection.
The verses of Japji Sahib offer a radical medicine for our established misconceptions about ourselves, about life, and existence. They offer a key to release us from the prison of misplaced self-limitations, revealing how vast, powerful, and loving our ground consciousness truly is.
If you allow yourself to “truly” enter even one of these 40 verses, you will be left open-mouthed in wonder at how close you are to the voice of the heart and the guidance of Spirit!
When repeated in a state of receptivity, the Shabads of Japji Sahib begin to inform and replace our established patterns of emotional wounding, trauma, and fear, with the inherent frequency of Awakened Realization!
I can't even begin to tell you how profoundly the Sutras of Japji Sahib have transformed me at my very core. 
If your life is leaning into this calling of Self Realization, then you are invited wholeheartedly to join Guru Nanak and me on this grand cosmic adventure.

                                                                                         ~  Priya


Watch the assigned Videos

Each instructional video endeavors to tease out the invisible essence divulged by Guru Nanak in a state of blissful Enlightenment. To allow for meaningful assimilation the cultural references and inspirational analogies, we will take our time learning, practicing, and journaling with the gently dripped videos over six months.

Reflect on the prompts in the attached journaling sheets

During the course, deep levels of transformation will naturally occur. Surprising moments of recognition will show up, opening doors of your heart to reveal vast, beautiful vistas that exist just beneath your everyday existence. Use the provided reflection sheets to anchor into that self realization.

Practice with the Pronunciation Guide Videos

After savoring the essence of each verse, you will be offered another video to practice reciting that pauri (verse) in the original Gurmukhi script, allowing the transformative power of the “Shabad Guru” to come alive for you.We will go over the phonetic  pronunciation of each word and then sew them slowly into sentences and then chant it together in Naad.

Join the Live Zoom Group Discussions with Priya

Every few verses, we will come together for our scheduled virtual gatherings to share insights, reactions, “aha” moments, and to subtly commune by chanting the magical Shabads. Bring your Realizations and Doubts. Ask for assistance when you struggle. Dive into rich discussions and chant together.

What Students are saying....


I silently cried for I felt understanding and self forgiveness for what I had been carrying for others. I am overflowing with gratitude and joy in this practice and understanding of Ek, something I experienced in near death, or "death," which is an English word so very the opposite of Ek. I call this space home inside me, a universally shared home inside us all that connects to nonlinear time and space. To be studying this now at this time in my life was meant to be. 
From the bottom of my heart and soul, thank you for sharing this miracle with us...thank you for bringing light and understanding to it all through your wisdom and knowledge of Guru Nanak's gift.


As we move through learning the Japji I am noticing how the vibration is beginning to rise within me. I can be going about the day and then the imprint of the Mool Mantra will begin to play within my mind and then I begin to feel the vibration of something invisible but very real. The feeling feels very alive and conscious of itself. I can't quite explain with words but it feels so good for the Mool Mantra to be a remembrance in my Soul. I know Spirit is teaching and providing. Thank you for providing so many wonderful tools to feel this work and live it.


Firstly, I bow my head in gratitude to you and for the light you have brought into my life through Japji. In a moment of breakdown I had a breakthrough. Something so profound has taken place Priya that I feel I don’t even need to tell you in words, I know you can feel it. That lens of Karta Purakh has naturally descended upon me. I felt my souls suffering and hard work for many lifetimes to get to this moment.Perhaps in this lifetime you have only been my teacher for 2 months but in my meditations I have felt you have been guiding my soul for many lifetimes. I find myself rolling around in blissful Divine Light.There is so much I want to share and tell you but for now I am sending you my positive energy and gratitude that is flowing through me.


When I first heard what you repeated in this Pauri - "Every fear we have is the fear of death", I literally stopped everything I was doing, hit the pause button, and just let these words permeate into my body. This was huge in helping me understand and work with my fears. Of course there's the big D, which to me means the death of the physical body. But I now know that I have experienced many little death's (small d) throughout my life (and still do)


I find myself in absolute awe after reading the ebook. I also feel a little sad too, I feel this a key to see my soul and a universal understanding that I have longed for my whole life. To find out its been here my whole life and to just find it now!!!  I am so deeply grateful to you, Guru Nanak, and Japji Sahib for giving me a simple way to describe and embrace what finally feels like home .









YOU RECEIVE ........

40+ Instructional Videos 

 All 40 verses translated and unpacked for practical understanding and absorption


"Japji Sahib: An Owner's Manual for Every Soul" Written by Priya Jain

40 Pronunciation Guide Videos

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12 Live Sessions with Priya

Pre-Scheduled sessions to Ask, Share, Discuss and Chant

Reflective Journaling

Apply the wisdom of the Sutras to your everyday life 

Countless Revisits

Go back and rewatch videos that inspire you

Alumni are invited to any future Japji Live Sessions with Priya


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