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"Japji Sahib: An Owner's Manual for Every Soul" Written by Priya Jain

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It is often said that, “We are a Spirit having a Human Experience.” Wouldn't it be great to have an “Owner’s Manual” that can show us how to navigate the Spirit’s journey through the Human life?

Japji Sahib has the answers to your eternal questions about life, destiny, freewill, reincarnation, purpose of existence and most importantly, how to go from being lost to becoming Self Realized!

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Even though the event of Guru Nanak’s Awakening occurred more than 500 years ago, the state of Guru Nanak’s consciousness is as Alive in the words of Japji Sahib today as the day of his Enlightenment!

 By peeling away these veneers through the English translation presented in this Course along with expounding the thoughtful anaogies, concepts and cultural metaphors that Nanak has so skillfully sewn in his poetic expression, I hope to reveal to you all the treasures that have deeply enriched my life.  


Each of the Verses of Japji  is regarded as Shabad Guru and carries a radical medicine for the suffering you may have registered along your existential journey.

Shabad Guru literally means words uttered in an elevated state of consciousness that become our guide through the maze of life.

When the patterns of sound and thought in a Shabad like Japji are repeated, the frequency inherent in the sound current counters the direction and intensity of our habitual thoughts. This induces a release of established patterns, emotional wounding, trauma, and fears. If you allow yourself to surrender to the sound of the Shabad, new healthy patterns begin to replace the old. The mind clears, and you are able to perceive everything from a fresh set of eyes.

To this end, throughout the course, you will find pronunciation guides for each of the verses of Japji. Practicing along, will allow you to harness the technology of Shabad Guru to become the Royal, Radiant being you are meant to be.


The Power and Potential of Japji Sahib

"Japji Sahib, through its 40 verses, offers a series of portals into Guru Nanak’s Enlightened state that reveals the mystical wisdom of the ultimate Reality.

It is a revolutionary text! And even though it is more than 500 years old, Japji Sahib retains a unique ability to come alive when you connect your consciousness with its words or “Shabad.”

Everything in this course and the accompanying manual is an attempt to offer you the profound opportunity to gain direct access to your own luminous consciousness. If you allow yourself to “truly” enter even one of these 40 verses, you will be left open-mouthed in wonder and awe at how close you are to the voice of the heart and the guidance of Spirit!

The verses of Japji Sahib offer a radical medicine for your established misconceptions about yourselves, life, and existence. They offer a key to release you from the prison of misplaced self-limitations, revealing how vast, powerful, and loving your ground consciousness truly is.

When repeated in a state of receptivity, the Shabads of Japji Sahib begins to inform and replace your established patterns of emotional wounding, trauma, and fear, with the inherent frequency of Awakened Realization!

In each instructional video, I have endeavored to tease out the invisible essence divulged by Guru Nanak in a state of blissful Enlightenment. To allow for meaningful assimilation, we will take our time learning, practicing, and journaling with the gently dripped videos over six months.

After savoring the essence of each verse, you will be offered another video to practice reciting that pauri (verse) in the original Gurmukhi script, allowing the transformative power of the “Shabad Guru” to come alive for you.

Every few verses, we will come together for our scheduled virtual gatherings to share insights, reactions, “aha” moments, and to subtly commune by chanting the magical Shabads.  

During the course, deep levels of transformation will naturally occur. Surprising moments of recognition will show up, opening doors of your heart to reveal vast, beautiful vistas that exist just beneath your everyday existence.

Guru Nanak will be our guide on this cosmic adventure, and I will be his trusted interpreter.

I can’t wait to rejoice in the revelations that await you !!!"

                                                                              ~  Priya