Online  Self-Paced Video Course

Word by word, we will allow the Mool Mantra to open up states of consciousness that liberate us from the shackles that bind us to our past and puts the power of creating the future of our choice, in our own hands.

3 Modules | 18 Videos | 3 1/2 Hours Training | Self-Paced

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" I wanted to say, "Thank You!" for that amazing workshop on the Mool Mantra. So much of what you shared shed a new light on past experiences when I've felt such anger and pain--why I had them, and the positive outcomes I can now understand. Your heartfelt teaching of this beautiful practice is so appreciated by many, Priya. I feel so grateful to be part of your community! "

Akal K

"I found this course supplemented my teacher training and once again opened my eyes to the grace and wisdom of this journey."

Nancy W

"This Mantra is a wisdom code for me! It has helped me clear my mind and get back on track every time I chant it or even just play it to change my frequency. The way Priya explained it, made it more effective for me. Now I have a deep understanding and connection of its meaning and it’s effect."

Sally T

"I was going through my emotions the day, I saw that Priya is doing a 3 day class for Mool Mantra . it was such a perfect timing. The universe knew exactly what I needed. The online class was perfect , I felt I was at the studio with Priya taking this course. This class gave me the experience of “oneness” being true and opening my heart to what is and not worry about what was.. WAHE GURU"

Vicky N

"KY has helped me grow stronger, more confident, more creative and more expanded and the process is only beginning. I am forever grateful to the teachings, the teachers and the beautiful community at 7th Chakra. "

Roxana Z

"I just wanted to express my gratitude to Priya for being one of my greatest teachers in my journey. Your compassion, grace, and guidance has been such a blessing to me. Thank you for inspiring me to follow my Truth."


"Thank you Priya! I haven’t slept like I did last night in months! I am so grateful for you, Peter, and all the teachers at Seventh Chakra. I feel so supported by the Universe right now. So thankful for the healing I received last night."

Janine K

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